You Need To Use Mail!

They are still view per signup, and view per sale
 some of the best marketing you can use.

So, let me help you make it easier.

First you want to make sure you white-list at your mailer.

Gmail is one of the best mails to use for your safelist mail receiver
They have a very low bounce rate and deliver with consistancy.
You can make an account here if you would like to, and can then change  your listmail to  a
gmail account if you like, and I recommend it.

I will walk you through white-listing a site and creating a folder
at Gmail, so you can keep your mails organized.

Now at gmail they do not call it white-listing, but instead you will create a filter,
and then tell this filter to never send any mail to spam

Here is how you do it

1. Create and login to your account
2. Tick on a mail from Email-Hog
3.  click on the "more" drop down menu
4. Choose "filter messages like these"
5.  In the top box you will go to Filter From " (this will cover all mails)
6.  At the bottom click "create a filter with this search"
7.  Tick "never send to spam"

8.  click "create filter"

DONE! Congratulations!

Now you are ready to create a folder for you emails

Gmail calls them "Labels"

1. Tick on an Email-Hog mail
2. click on the drop down menu at the top that looks like a tag or label
3. IN the blank box type Email-Hog
4.  Click on "create new"
5. the next box lets you organize your folders
under others, but for now just click "CREATE"
6. Now go to "more" drop down menu and click on "create a filter"
7.  type in in the top box
8. Choose "skip the inbox,, Archive it"
9. Choose the label you want for it. (in this case you might have set a label up for all your mails
and not just Email-Hog, but for the example we have just a folder for email-hog
10. Now Click "create filter"

You can be as inventive as you like with this
 and separate all your different mails to separte folders or
 keep all your safelist mails in one folder.

Now when you want to go read your email hog mails you just go
 to your gmail account and click on the folder or label "Email-Hog" and read till your hearts content.
No mess, no fuss, and not clutter of your regular mailbox.

Let me know if you need any help!

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